Drugs are chemical substances that are found in different parts of the world.

Drugs are chemical substances that are found in different parts of the world. What constitute a drug will also depend on how it’s used. Therefore, drugs can be just any substance. The important thing though is that, apart from food and water, it must affect and make changes to the body of the person taking the drug. These changes can be physical and it can be mental.  Drugs are in general supposed to be useful clinically. Examples: cocaine is used for anaesthesia.  Morphine and its class is used for relieve of pain.

Alcohol, (methylated spirit) can also be used as a cleansing and disinfectant at home and in hospital. In most mouth washes, there are some alcoholic content. Heroin in prescribed form is used as a pain killer after operation and in people with serious disease conditions with pains. There is probably no tangible use for LSD. Amphetamine and related product can be used for slimming in controlled clinical conditions. So, these substances have their clinical uses. Cannabis in under scientific formulation is now in some conditions prescribed to control some diseases. The problem is that the usefulness of these substances is being manipulated by barons, couriers and users under the shadow of illegality.

What is abuse the (ab= abnormal; use hence ab/use)

Abuse simply means, abnormal use, improper use: A use that is a deviation from its intended purpose. You will remember that, all things (please put emphasis: ALL THINGS)  and not the least, drugs, have their intended use and purpose. Any departure from such intention is therefore an abuse or misuse.

Why is drug abuse so important?

Every action has its consequences you will remember. Like child abuse or abuse of anything for that matter, drug abuse has its own results. Very often these results are fatal or it may have long term damaging effects on the individual and everyone around the person. Someone may claim that, they are using drugs though it does not cause anyone else any harm. The fact is that they cause many people

some harm, ultimately. In the mind of the drug user who says she or he causes no one else any harm, such user (misuser) should understand, that her or his behaviour is causing unhappiness or even depression to the spouse, parents, children and the community around the drug user.  Further, the misuser may constitute a nuisance to the society.

Every one of us in a given society is supposed to be productive and somewhat support each other in that community. If someone steals, the society will punish the person for stealing because stealing is classed as bad. If someone harms another, the law will take its full course if caught because; the person that is harmed may become less productive and may become a burden on the community. Punishing the offender is also a deterrent that causing harm is damaging to the common good. In the same way, someone who takes drugs is cheating on the others or the rest of the community. While he may not directly cause physical harm, he or she may become injured or dies. The injury will cause the person to be less productive against the overall common good of the rest. He or she may become mentally unwell. Someone will have to pay for the gaps in productivity that is opened up by the person.

He, the drug user, will cause others to be unhappy and possibly depressed even if the drug user does not cause these things or agree to be causing the harms directly.  Continue next week…

 Dr Joel Akande

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