Funny enough, many of these students perpetrating this act do not see anything even remotely wrong with their decadent lifestyle.

Cohabitation- Campus Marriage
One of the most prevalent practices amongst students on campus is cohabitation. Statistics has shown that 48% of undergraduates actually engage in this depraved vice. Even more appalling is how this vice is greatly applauded by their fellow students.

 The term 'cohabitation' refers to a state in which a male and female live together and having a sexual relationship without being married.

The sole reason for being in school is to learn, however, due to whatever circumstances has brought up, learning has undergone a new transformation. It is no news that majority of undergraduates are in one relationship or the other, this does not however give the liberty to be living as a couple without having gone through the rites of marriage.

Funny enough, many of these students perpetrating this act do not see anything even remotely wrong with their decadent lifestyle. One cannot help but wonder the wheels turning in these students head for them to engage in this depravity.

  A very common reason for engaging in such act is the word 'love'. Their love for their partners as well as their hesitation to be apart from each other has driven them to the sole conclusion that they should live together as couples.

  Students, most especially the females are easily led into believing that living together with their partners will make them get to know each other better. This includes behaviours, likes and dislikes amongst others which will supposedly enhance and strengthen their relationship. For the males, cohabitation gives them this feeling of being an 'alpha' male - a domineering figure in their partners life and the ability of having a say in their lives. Of course, it also gives them the chance to ensure that their partners do not cheat on them.

  Also, cohabitation seems to gives such couples this rush of pride amongst their fellow students, they become the envy of other student couples. Some even go as far as getting an award for ' best couples on campus'!

  Another reason for students practicing cohabitation is lack of accommodation. Most students live together with their partners with the excuse of having no where to stay ultimately resulting in them not leaving at all.

  The bitter truth is that cohabitation poses a huge threat to those practicing it.
First, it distracts students from their studies - the initial reason for them being in school. Ladies involved in such practices tend to do some domestic chores apart from sex which includes washing, cleaning and cooking for their partners which leaves little or no time for their studies. The males take up the responsibility of being the 'head' of the house and have to provide in terms of finances and otherwise for their partners, some even take menial jobs so as to make ends meet and consequently deviating from their studies.

  Another danger of cohabitation is that it causes emotional trauma. Most times, the females in the relationship are assaulted physically and psychologically. They tend to wholly depend on their partners to provide for them and this reduces them to being a liability rather than an asset.

Unfortunately, many of these relationships hardly last, some die when one or both partners graduate from school.

  Even more alarming is the high rate of unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, herpes and HIV/AIDS which might lead to untimely deaths!

  All these for what? This brings us to the twenty million dollar question- What is the solution?
  Charity they say begins at home, Parents have a lot of work cut out for them. The first of many is giving proper orientation to their  children especially their females. The latter should be taught the value of independence and not be a subject to the whims of men. For example, they do domestic chores for their partners when they are married.

  Another of the Parent's numerous duties is thorough monitoring of their children. This does not necessarily means giving them no room for privacy, however, it does not hurt to keep close tabs on them and place them under watchful radar. If possible, they should pay unexpected visits to their children in their schools. This goes a long way in curbing the practices of cohabitation.

  The school itself should not be exempted in the process of eradicating cohabitation. Accommodations should be duly provided for the students. Also, the school authorities should organise various seminars and other educational talks in a bid to educate the students on the hazards of cohabitation and how to totally avoid it.

Written by Olorunsola Grace Adebisi.
A student of LASUSOC, 300 level.

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