Civilians should wash there mouth after eating so as to prevent mouth odour.

 Nigerian dentist, Mr Broderick Ijehon  has made a benefiting complain that civilians should wash their mouth after eating so as to prevent mouth odour.

 Mr Ijehon who is also Head of Dental Department, Dutse Medical Center, said in an interview that washing your mouth after eating is a sure way of minimizing mouth odour because it removes the food particles that remain in the mouth after eating.

He equally added that leftover food particles in the mouth can cause a bacteria to develop a substance which will bring unbearable pain in the teeth.

Dr. Broderick further explained that the development of the substance will occur when the bacteria emerges together with the left over food particles in the mouth, stressing that we have to take good care of our teeth, especially by using a toothpastes that contains fluoride which makes the teeth strong.

He also that people should inform and seek a dentist whenever thhey experience any tooth problems.

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