Unless its a special occasion, do not, i repeat do not use heat on your natural hair!

       Yes! we all know that styling natural hair can be fun, but did you know that there are some hairstyles that may be doing more harm than good to your natural hair?? Now a lot of natural hair bloggers focus on differnt hairstyles but not all of them actually tell you which style is bad for your hair. Well, i got you covered!

Note; I am not saying you shouldn't make these hairstyles but just don't make them too often.

 Now that being said, get your learning chairs ladies because natural hair lesson 101 is now in session!

1. The first culprit is hairstyles that put a strain on your edges. ladies if you want a healthy, 'edge-ful' natural hair, then you should stay away from hairstyles like puffs, ponytails or updos. This is because they tend to drag your hair upwards thereby causing a strain on your hair and making it to thin out, which causes loss of edges. As cute as these hairstyles may look, they would eventually destroy your hair in the long run.

2. Styles that are too tight and pulling your hair are a no-no and trust me girrrl i'm talking from experience. I remember one time i had bantu knots on and i literally couldn't sleep with my hair down for days. It was so painful and was pulling my hair! These tight hairstyles can cause hair breakage. Therefore, avoid hairstyles that are too tight. they do more harm than good to your hair.

3.Unless its a special occasion, do not, i repeat do not use heat on your natural hair!
Styles that involve heat such as blowouts or hair straightening would eventually lead to heat damage. so, KEEP OFF!

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