The management of University of Lagos (UNILAG) has introduce dress codes for students of the institutions.

This was made known on Tuesday, in a statement issued by the school management. The development, the management said was targeted at curbing indecent dressing, especially among the female students of the institution.

Here are the lists of banned dressed codes:

All tight fitting clothes including skirts, trousers and blouses.
All clothes which reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the bust, chest, belly upper arms and the buttocks. Example of such dresses are transparent clothing. “Spaghetti tops”, Wicked straps”, Mono-straps”, “Tubes”, and “Show me your belly”, Skirts and dresses with slits above the knees fall into this category.

Outfits such as knickers and mini-skirts and dresses, which are not at least, knee-length.
Inappropriate outfits, e.g. Party-wear, beachwear and bathroom slippers should not be worn to lectures.

Outfits such as T-shirts, shirts and jeans, which carry obscene and subliminal messages.
Trousers, such as hip-rider and low waist jeans.
Violators according to the circular will face disciplinary committee.
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