In a bid to create awareness and sensitize individuals on “The Causes and Effect of Climate Change” The Nysc Safety and Disaster Management CDS Group of Igbaraodo and Ogotun axis of Ekiti State when out at about 10:00 am to enlighten members of the community about the causes and effect of climate change.
Their target area was the popular Igbaraodo market and motor park all in Igbaraodo community.

The president of the group, Faniran Ephraim said that Global Warming or Climate Change refers to an increase in the average global temperatures of earth near surface air and oceans which has been in occurrence since the mid-20th century and it is still projected to continue.

According to him, Natural events and human activities are factors contributing to the increase in average global temperatures. Changing the atmospheric abundance or properties of these gases and particles has led to a warming or cooling of the climate system, he added.

They make the villagers to know that bush burning is one of the contributing factors of Climate Change and advised them to avoid it. Drivers and Okada riders were also advised to always service their motor and motorcycle regularly to reduce the carbon monoxide that is emitted during use.

The group later visited some of the schools in the area to enlighten the students on how to identify disaster and carry out risk assessments. The CDS group advised that once hazards have been identified, good management would be about controlling the risks and reducing the potential for harm.
They admonished the school management to put measures in place in order to curtail emergency situations when they arise.
The group members include: Faniran Ephraim, Jerone Ubugha, Ibrahim Maliki Otori, Benson Wariso, Olagoke Olaoluwa, Ajayi Shola, Ntoro Patience, Emakpo Promise, James Shedrach, Ukpabi Kelechi, Aduloju Taiye Oluwasegun, Bewaji Tosin, David Isreal, Salaudeen Olanrewaju, and Abednego Samaila.

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