By Pascaline Sinachi Adinnu

Cross River State University of Technology - CRUTECH, Ogoja campus came alive today as many dignitaries troop into the campus to watch their cultural display as part of  the activities to mark their student week. More picture soon........

Photo Credit: Pascaline Sinachi Adinnu
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One of the groups entertaining the crowd

Display by the masquerades
The audience enjoying the cultural display
Goodluck Okoro of the Department of Radiography and Radiological Science, University of Calabar (UNICAL) was the cynosure of all eyes at the 10th induction and oath-taking ceremony held last week at the University International Conference Centre. He bagged all the academic awards and honour at the ceremony. He had over 10 distinctions.
Goodluck graduated with a First Class, beating 57 others to become the overall best graduating student. With a Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) of 4.51, he emerged a valedictorian.
The success story of Goodluck's five years academic sojourn, which saw him bagging Bsc in Imaging Science otherwise known as Radiography started in September, 2010.
Of the 83 students admitted into the department five years ago, 58 were lucky to complete the programme while one other student came from University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.
Of the 59 tear rubber Radiographers inducted into the Radiography Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN), Uchegbu Johnfranklin Chukwudifu was among the lucky graduands.
“I was busy with school runs in Gwagwalada when I got a frantic call reporting the attempted rape of a first year University of Abuja(UniAbuja) student by another first year student of Biological Sciences called Monday.

By the time I got there, the Chief Security Officer was just beginning to interview both parties, starting from the boy, Monday.

He told of how he made his ‘intentions’ known to her and she said she would ‘think about it’ but he according to him, he didn’t understand why shy couldn’t give a straight answer, so he began making moves at ‘romancing’ her and feigns ignorance of her claims that from the moment he started, she told him to stop.

He claims he only noticed her seriousness ‘when he crossed the boundary’.

He is upset that he had sent her 400 naira recharge card before and doesn’t get why she will reject him.

The young lady insists she came by at all because he said he was not well.

By the time she got in, he was playing loud music, so from the moment he began trying to have sex, she was shouting but the loud music drowned her voice.

She insists he pinned her to the mattress and she tried strangling him with his necklace till it cut.

After that, she reached for the laptop as a weapon and ripping it out turned off all the music then he released her because she could now be heard. She ran out and called for help.

She got help and retrieved her phone and slippers and purse. Then she began reporting to their mutual friends and people she trusts. She insisted she injured him to.

On demand, he took off his shirt and everyone saw injuries she gave him and more.

I got upset that the attitude towards gathering evidence is zero. There seemed to be a majority notion that as long as there was eventually no penetration, it is not so grievous a crime.

All I insisted was to document all that could be seen as evidence before any statements are taken etc.

I applaud the lady for speaking up. We need ensure the students and security men understand sexual harassment in its entirety and be sure whatever responses are in place take into cognizance victim needs.

I was very agitated when it seemed people were upset that ‘she was trying to make a lot out of something very small.

More people need to understand what sexual violence is and legal provisions for victims and offenders.

More details tomorrow. These pictures were finally taken at the crime scene. More shocking experiences tomorrow morning.

Many are trying to use victim blaming and shaming to force her to drop the case.

Please, let us change the narrative and share this widely to punish the perpetrator, not the victim. …Ambassador Dorothy Njemanze”
Whether your closet is a mess or not, when it comes to new clothes there’s a universal spot that everybody puts them in the closet: the top of the pile. Most of the time, we don’t wait more than one day to wear them and show to the entire world how cool we are now..

However, you should calm down a bit next time you go shopping and wash your new clothes (at least) once before wearing them. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “but they are new, why should I?” Well, there are several (and not so banal) reasons why you should wash your brand new clothes.

They might contain potential chemicals
Your average clothing comes from several different countries – each with a different set of ‘safety requirements’ regarding production. Sometimes to prevent clothes from growing bacteria or wrinkles, they are sprayed with formaldehyde resin. Do you know what formaldehyde is used for, other than clothes? To preserve bodies during funerals.

If a person is seriously allergic to formaldehyde, it can cause red, itchy, scaly rashes especially in the areas where our body sweat the most, such as the waist, neck and thighs or around the armpits. That’s not the only chemical on it – clothes are sometimes dyed with azo-aniline dyes which also cause rashes. Surely red rashes don’t fit with your new t-shirt or new pair of jeans, anyway.

100% natural materials? Not completely true
To produce your 100% cotton t-shirt, things are not as easy as they seem. To grow cheap cotton, pesticides are commonly used. Once the item arrives in the store, it might still retain the substances used on it before.

So, washing your brand new clothes once or twice before wearing them won’t reduce their organic nature and it will just be safer for you!

New doesn’t mean clean
Have you ever thought about all the people that have tried that t-shirt before you? Well, whether you  believe that  or not, it’s the truth. A study has found out that new clothes can be heavily contaminated with staph bacteria and a stomach virus (norovirus, which causes diarrhea). Also, some clothes were found with traces of vaginal organisms, skin flora and (yuck) fecal flora. Remember, no matter how clean they look, dressing rooms are breeding grounds for bacteria, lice, and fungus.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get sick because of this, but a quick jump into the washing machine doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

So, next time you come back home after a shopping session, follow these instructions: calm down, take a deep breath and put everything into the washing machine. Waiting one day more to wear your cool new clothes will just be better, promise!

by Marta Ciaraglia
A group of five students representing more than one thousand others have dragged the Attorney General and Ministry of Health to Court seeking an injunction to restrain the ministry from enforcing the new “Uganda Medical Internship Guidelines.”

The students also want an interim order directing the ministry to post them immediately for practical training in accordance with the old policy. Supervised practical training is mandatory before the medical interns can be registered, enrolled, certified and licensed as qualified health professionals.

The lawsuit was precipitated by the sudden reversal of the old internship policy and introduction of new internship Guidelines as announced by the Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Aceng while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Health to explain the unusual delay in posting these students to their respective places of attachment. The students were supposed to have reported for practical training in August.

The new Guidelines drastically reduce the number of medical doctors, dental surgeons, pharmacists and nurses who will be admitted for the internship programme; vary the terms and conditions of the original conditions of service for interns, including reducing their allowances; and introduce a pre-internship exam, among others.

For interns who studied on Government Scholarship at University, the new Guidelines impose on them an obligation to work in Government health facilities for two years immediately after their internship.

The main gravamen of the students regarding the new Guidelines is that they were not consulted or sensitized before the old policy was drastically reversed and a new policy unexpectedly communicated in its stead yet the new policy has the effect of varying the terms of the old service agreement to their detriment.

Led by Emma Amadriyo, the five litigants state that they urgently need the interim injunction to safeguard their right to be heard and maintain an unbroken supply of medical interns to service the health sector (which has been crippled by the delay to post medical interns to the various Government health facilities in the country) as the main suit challenging the new guidelines is still pending disposal before Justice Lydia Mugambe of the High Court.

His Worship Alex Ajiji, Registrar of the High Court (Civil Division), will hear the medical interns’ application next week on Thursday 29th September 2016 at 10:00a.m.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has no plans to commence an interim strike on October 2, an official has said.

The Chairman of the University of Abuja chapter of ASUU, Ben Ugheoke, told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday that he was wrongly quoted on a planned strike.

The News Agency of Nigeria had quoted Mr. Ugheoke on Tuesday as saying the lecturers’ strike would commence next month.
In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, Mr. Ugheoke said he never gave such statement to the NAN reporter.
“A certain reporter in NAN is responsible for this damage,” he said. “As a result of this falsified report, I am facing a panel later tonight from ASUU National body.”
The university don said he had asked for a rebuttal of the story since it was published.
“I have reached out to the NAN reporter and he told me it was a mix-up. He also begged me to save his job,” he said.

In the report widely circulated by Nigerian media, the government news agency quoted the don as saying ASUU was to embark on a one-week warning strike from October 2.
The report also said a full blown strike was planned for November if the federal government failed to meet the demands from its negotiations with ASUU in 2009 and 2013.

The report also highlighted that the federal government was yet to provide funds for the Universities NEEDS Assessment and the facilitation of the registration of the Nigerian Universities Pension Management Company, NUPEMCO.

Speaking on ASUU, Mr. Ugheoke said the union had been sensitizing the public on its stance on national issues and university education.

“We have had zonal press conferences. Abuja zone had its own on August 31, 2016. Although I was present, the event was anchored by the zonal coordinator, Theophilus Lagi,” he told PREMIUM TIMES.“During the event, we listed all the things we have been trying to get the federal government to look into.

“This we did so that the general public can be made aware of what we are doing and the current state of things between ASUU and the federal government.

“We have never given a date for any form of strike, whether warning strike or full blown strike. There was nothing like a date fixed for a strike,” he said.

Year Three Sociology student of the University of Ilorin, UNILORIN, Kwara State, Mr. Abolarin Jephthah, has purportedly notified the university’s authorities of his decision to withdraw from the institution, confessing that he obtained the results of his West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE, through examination malpractices.

In a coffessional letter of withdrawal addressed on August 12 to the Deputy Vice Chanellor (Academics), UNILORIN, Professor N. Y. S. Ijaiya, Jephthah was said to have stated that having encountered Jesus Christ and ‘born-again,’ his decision to withdraw from the university was based on his newfound realisation that his foundation was faulty and as such, he can’t continue to be a student of UNILORIN.

The letter circulating on social media and sighted by Vanguard read: “With all sense of humility, I ABOLARIN AKIN JEPHAH with matric number (13/77jd010), a 300 level student in the department of sociology, wish to openly declare the reason why I withdraw from the university.

Sir, just as a house that was built on a faulty foundation will definitely collapse. “All through my secondary school days, I am just a church goer without genuine salvation and the fear of God, as a result of this, I got my WAEC result through examinaion malpractice. “By the grace of God, now, I have encountered the limelight of the gospel of Jesus Christ which called for repentance and restitution. “Sir, with deep conviction,

I have realised that there is no point of building my academic career on a faulty foundation, since the WAEC result I got through malpractice is the basis in which my admission into this university was anchored. “Therefore, I have decided to wihdraw from the university and start all over again.”

Onyebuchi Okwueze, the son of the Dean of Postgraduate School, University of Calabar, has reportedly been abducted by gunmen in Cross River State.

A statement released by the university authority revealed that the abductee was taken from the residence of his father, Emeka Onyebuchi.

Effiong Eyo, the Institution's Information Officer disclosed that Onyebuchi is a first year student of the department of Banking and Finance.
“A first year student of the department of Banking and Finance and son of the current Dean of Graduate School of the University of Calabar, Onyebuchi Okwueze, has been reportedly kidnapped."

“Gunmen suspected to be kidnappers yesterday stormed the premises of the Dean, Professor Emeka Okwueze, who was unavailable at the time of the attack, broke into his house and made away with his plasma television and his 24-year old son who was the only one at home."

“The gunmen who were said to have begun their operation at about 8.15pm also inflicted injuries on a lecturer in Physics department, Dr Anthony George, and his wife who were driving in and got caught up in the attack. While Dr George was shot on his right hand, his wife sustained bullet injuries on the left knee. Both are however responding to treatment."

“Though they made unsuccessful attempts to gain entrance into the stretch of houses accommodating staff within the wing of buildings, the gunmen however smashed the mirror and front tyre of a Mercedes Benz vehicle belonging to a Professor in the College of Medical Sciences, Prof Chucks Ejezie."

According to Eyo, the incident is not happening for the first time, following the kidnapping of the families of some university personnel.
“It will be recalled that in the month of May this year, kidnappers invaded the same wing of buildings and took away with them the son of a Deputy Registrar, Barr Ekpenyong Iniama and the wife and daughter of Prof Wilfred Ndifon of the College of Medical Sciences, but both were later released."

“In a bid to checkmate future occurrence of the event, the Deputy Chief Security Officer of the Institution, DSP Jarlath Abang, disclosed that several security measures had been put in place by the management of the institution in conjunction with the Cross River State Government."

“The measures covered and implemented in the joint initiative include demolition of all shanties at the waterfront by the Cross River State Government, prohibition of fishing and farming at the water front, displacement of illegal occupants and constant patrol of the quarters both by security operatives on foot and vehicles."

“The Deputy Chief Security Officer attributed the delay in the distress call as a major reason for the kidnappers’ gain."

“The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof Zana Akpagu, visited the homes of the staff who were affected by the attack and commiserated with them over the unfortunate event and assured them of anagement’s concern over their welfare and pledged to do all within the purview of his office to ensure the release of those kidnapped and also catch up with the kidnappers."

“He also promised to work with the relevant security agencies to ensure continued safety of lives and properties on campus.”

Ex-choristers of  St. Albert Catholic Church at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) are back with songs of praise. It was at a reunion organised by the church, reports EDDY UWOGHIREN (400-Level Medicine and Surgery).
Years after they graduated from the University of Benin (UNIBEN), their ties with their alma mater remain strong. Last week, former choristers of the school’s St Albert Catholic Church returned to campus to worship.
As they filed out on the stage, clad in elegant native attires to render songs, their appearance attracted little applause because the congregation did not expect much from them. However, they held members of the congregation spellbound with sonorous voices as they rendered songs and praises.
The excited congregation rose to applaud the ex-choristers as they delivered their choreographic dance and melodies. That was the scene at the Alumni Choristers’ Reunion of St Albert’s Catholic Church University of Benin (UNIBEN) last Saturday.
The event tagged: ‘Uma Familia-One Family’, witnessed massive turnout of students and alumni, who arrived early for the red carpet session.
The organising committee Chairman, Dr Peter Agbonrofo, a Consultant-General Surgeon at UNIBEN Teaching Hospital, said the event was a home-coming for the ex-choristers of the church.
He said: “This church, over the years, has been blessed with young and talented composers and singers, who have consistently turned out beautiful compositions in various languages nationwide. These former students have raised the standard of liturgical music ministration. We are proud of their achievement.”
Agbonrofo said he was not surprised the choristers thrilled the congregation with “mind-blowing performance”, despite years of their graduation from the school. He said the church was reputed for giving youth the opportunity to develop their talents in the service of God and humanity.
The ex-choristers rendered various gospel songs in traditional and classical ways. At intervals, they changed their attires to reflect the mood of the song rendered.
Their songs were in various dialects to give every ethnic group a sense of belonging. The songs reminded the congregation of the grace and mercy of God upon them, and reflected the Catholic faith and supremacy of God.
Highpoint was the joint performance of selected songs by the ex-choristers and members of the the church choir. The concert also featured a fund-raising for the activities of the choristers and special prayers for the church.
At the end of the event, Noel Orji, who graduated in 2006, praised the church for organising the programme, which, he said, created a platform for the ex-chorister to share ideas on how to move the choir group forward.
Wema Okungbowa, a 400-Level Medicine and Surgery student, and Mrs Ijeoma Ogbomo, a 2013 Pharmacy graduate, said the event exceeded their expectations. Wema said: “Ordinarily, one would have thought the ex-choristers had lost their voices, but their performance was impressive.”