Colgate experienced difficulty in marketing its toothpaste to Spanish speaking countries because the word Colgate translates in Spanish as "go hang yourself"! OMG!
Handling severe pain can be disturbing and distressful. Sometimes pain can happen unexpectedly, and sometimes it comes from an existing condition or illness. Either way, there are ways through which you can help yourself in handling severe and excruciating pain. Stay focused on controlling your pain and find the ways that work best for you.

1.Stay Calm

Experiencing pain is stressful, especially when you don't know the causes of the pain. Being eger, and fearful can actually make the pain worse. Shallow breathing can lead to hyperventilation, impair the ability of getting oxygen into the blood, and lead to much pain, like chest and muscle pain.   Try not to focus on the pain, concentrating on your thoughts and energy  you are feeling can make it worst actually.  Try to put your mind in other things, things that can make u feel relax, things that can help you in solving the pain.

2. Control Your Breathing.

Take a slow deep breath from your belly, this help to improve the flow of oxygen in the blood reducing the intencity of the pain.  Breathing techniques have been used for many years to help control the pain of childbirth because the effectiveness of handling pains comes from the way you control your breath.

3. Assume A Comfortable Position And Try To Relax.

Pain can reduce when sitting in an upright and straight position or you can lie down if possible.  Look for a suitable position that can help lessen the pain for you to concentrate on locating the cause of the pain.

4. Identify The Source Of The Pain.

Sudden pains known as acute pain is normally a sign of pain, telling you to pay a close attention on where the pain is coming from.  Some causes of acute pain include  broken bones, broken tooth, muscle cramps, burns sprain or strains. Acute pain is classified as nociceptive pain, which occurs when stepping on a nail or touching a hot stove.

5.Don’t Ignore Excruciating Pain.

 In some cases, severe pain may be the only warning you get that something is terribly wrong.  For example, sudden onset abdominal pain may indicate a ruptured appendix, peritonitis, or a ruptured ovarian cyst. Ignoring sudden onset pain can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening outcomes, if the need for prompt medical attention is ignored.

6. Take Action To Control The Problem.

 Once you have identified the cause of the pain, take a possible step to correct it.  Pains can go away, only when the problem for that pain is solved completely.  Take action by seeking medical attention because serious pain needs a medical professionals, that can help identify the cause of the pain.

Reports have revealed that a delivery man from the eCommerce giant, Jumia, has been murdered in   Ada George area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The said man was reported missing after he went to deliver 2 iphones and a motorbike to a customer in Ada George.

Neighbours soon noticed the suspicious movement of the tenants and alerted the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives, who began their investigation immediately they arrived.

the suspects

In the course of their investigation, a body was found in a septic tank and three suspects, a woman with two men, who were believed to have had a possible connection to the murder were arrested.

The name of the deceased remains unknown, but investigations are still on towards what must have led to murder of the delivery man.

DISCLAIMER: The pictures you are about to see may be found offensve. Viewer discretion is advised.

body of the deceased

body of the deceased being pulled out of the tank

By: Ohuoba Moses C

       R & B artiste and CEO of EME Records, Banky W, has for four years maintained his position as Ciroc brand ambassador, while hip hop artiste Tekno and On-Air-Personality Toke Makinwa have joined him as brand ambassadors of the Ultra-Premium Vodka.

At the Ciroc Dejeuner Buffet event held at the Sky Lounge Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, it was unveiled that his contract with the brand has been renewed.

Banky expressed his gratitude to the brand for being chosen as the ambassador of Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka,  thanking God for blessing him with the new deal.

Ohuoba Moses C
We may remember her as the hilarious kid from the Mark Angel comedy skit, my real face, but Emanuella Samuel has quickly grown to become a global sensation, sharing the stage with top Nigerian comedians such as Bovi, Ay, Julius Agwu and the likes.

In this video by enterstainment, we reveal nine facts about the child star you probably didn't know.


                                                     video courtesy of enterstainment

Chinelo Okafor

It was a massive  joy for Mrs Elizabeth Orefuwa, who emerged overall best graduating student from the Lagos State University, Ojo, as she put to bed a baby girl barely a day after graduating.

 With a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)  of 4.74 at the university’s 21st convocation held on March 22, Orefuwa expressed her heartfelt joy, revealing that she was so scared that the baby would deny her the opportunity of being a part of the convocation.

It was reported by the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN), that the school graduated 36,540 students, 26 with first class and others with degrees  diploma and doctorate certificates.

Orefuwa further said that she thanked God for the experience she had during her delivery and that she had  wanted to know what the convocation felt like before  putting to bed.

She told the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN) that her journey was one of sheeer determination,

She further said that it took her seven years before she could gain admission into the school,during that period, she started her career  at the Institute of Chartered Account of Nigeria (ICAN) in 2007 and came out in flying colours.

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This yummy mummy is not just a pretty face but a goal getter and a media personality per excellence. Before she started gracing our Nigerian screen, she was already in the limelight back in Britain, featuring in the second cycle of Britain's next model in 2006, where she placed 6th.

Apart from that, her fashion game is off the hook! We cannot help but crush on the beautiful Georgina Eku Edewor-Thorley .

I mean just look at her!

Eku Edewor is giving us major life!

Chinelo Okafor

Just like many people would agree, he's handsome, gentle and also one of the leading actors in the  Nigerian movie industry. Although he used to feature majorly in romantic movies, he now seems to be more into comedy roles and his fans love him even more for that!

Mike is also a producer who. Recently, he took the lead role in a comedy movie titled ''BROTHER JEKWU''.

We give you Mike Ezuruoye  aka ''BROTHER JEKWU''.

Ezuruonye Mike

Raynold (Son)

Mike and wife

Ohuoba Moses C.
           Its the age of kinky locks and a lot of girls are embracing the trend. However, although a lot of us have gone natural, not everyone can actually identify the type of natural hair on their heads. Some don't even know that there's any such thing as natural hair type!

 Well, today marks the end of 'hair ignorance'. In this video, Judith Kryzstals runs us through the various natural hair types and how to know if that is your own texture or curl pattern.

                                                    video courtesy of: Judith Kryztals

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